Western Red Cedar

Origin:  The western red cedar is native to the northwestern United States and south western Canada from southern Alaska and British Columbia south to northwest California and inland to western Montana.

Properties:  The western red cedar is known for it's durability, aroma and it's natural resistance to moisture, rot and decay and insect damages makes it the natural choice for building and and industrial applications.  Red cedar surface resists exposure to sun, rain, heat and cold all year round.  Red cedar is 2 times more durable than most soft
woods.  A well-sealed red cedar chest will retain it's odor for many decades, sometimes for over a century.

Uses:  The cedar wood has been used for house construction,fencing, decking, arbors, gazebos, outdoor furniture, planter boxes, saunas and for many objects including masks, boxes, boards, instruments, canoes, vessels and ceremonial objects, ie: totem poles  It is used to line closets and chests, because of it's aromatic oils believed to deter moth and carpet beetle larvae, which can damage clothing by eating wool and similar objects.